Inspirational Thought for April 3rd

“In my world there are NO BAD KIDS, just impressionable, conflicted young people wrestling with EMOTIONS & IMPULSES, trying to communicate their FEELINGS & NEEDS the only way they know how.”

Janet Lansbury

Published by

Mr Resilience

I am an Correctional Educator with an EBD and LD special education background. I always look forward to working with challenging and at-risk youth. I love a good underdog story. Follow Mr. Resilience on Twitter @ResilienceNavi1

One thought on “Inspirational Thought for April 3rd”

  1. A pretty broad statement… sounds good, but may be a bit naive or simplistic at times. Sometimes good, conflicted people -including kids, can and do make bad decisions -for a variety of reasons. Excuses can be many, but a bad decision remains a bad decision, and often entails consequences… and that’s the lesson for all of us! I’m no psychologist, but I’ve been around the block a few thousand times, It can be dangerous to rely on overly simplistic psychobabble in many situations. Peace and understanding sounds good, but sometimes reality bites!


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