“Don’t Let No One Silence YOU.”

Throughout the journey of life, there’s a multitude of instances where human interaction can pursue oneself in ways we can’t control, or at least make us think we can’t. Whether it may be silent and in our head or voiced as an opinion in-person and/or broadcasted through social media, being resilient to any feedback is a must. Negative or positive, opinion based feedback becomes our onus in how we let it influence our lives.

Among youth today there are many of situations where individuals become depressed, saddened or even pushed over the edge because of one or many comments from his or her peers. What most young individuals don’t realize or haven’t been taught is that each individual has their own control over how each and every day goes. Yes, things happen unexpectedly and negative aspects of life hit us in ways we can’t imagine, but overall there is always a silver lining to these situations and we ultimately have the control of each outcome as to how it affects our lives moving forward.

One thing that I was personally taught throughout life is creating a BRAND for yourself through each step of life is the only thing that should remain important to us. Recently I watched the Green Book and one of the actors had stated that, “One should never let another quiet them”. I took the quote a bit farther and thought to myself that we should all, “let our brand speak without intimidation of failure”.

Brand = Our personal brand expresses our impression on each and every individual we touch throughout life with the intent of making a positive impact.

Most individuals today are frightened by failure in life, whether it may be in school, work, sports or even personal relations. It’s hard understanding that failure is inevitable, but failure can be conquered by being resilient and moving forward from the past. No one goes through life without failing and we tend to credit the past as if the future will reflect the same outcome, while underestimating the current and the future. Overall, building our own personal brand is and always will be difficult if we don’t understand resilience, which is a great building block for anyone who wants to move forward in life.

Life is as easy as we make it on ourselves by being RESILIENT.